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jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter 1.3 Released!

The Input Limiter 1.3 release fixes a few bugs and adds the new features: useMaxlength which allows you to leave off the limit option and the plugin will display the remaining text info based on the fields maxlength attribute, this option is on by default. Also added limitBy option which allows you to limit the […]

jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter 1.2.2 Released!

The Input Limiter 1.2.2 release adds a new options: allowExceed. This option allows you to let the user continue typing after they have reached the limit. Also in this version is a fix for a problem where you could add new lines to a textarea after the limit was reached by pressing enter/return.

jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter Updated!

I’ve release version Input Limiter 1.2.1 which fixes a small bug. The bug had to do with dynamically changing the limit on an input, when you changed the limit to a longer limit the previous (shorter) limit stayed attached to the input.

jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter 1.2 Released!

The Input Limiter 1.2 release adds two new options: remFullText and zeroPlural. These options allow you to custom the remaining text message when no characters are remaining.

jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter Updated!

Hey, I updated the Input Limiter plugin to allow you to completely customize the text that is output. Two new options: remTextFilter and limitTextFilter allow you to do anything you want to the output text before it is displayed.

jQuery Plugin: Input Limiter Released!

I just put together my first jQuery plugin. I call it Input Limiter. It limits input to form fields and it displays text informing the user how many characters they have remaining.